Moonlight Serenade by M.J. Compton Review by Susie Fitzwater

I give this book 5 stars. This book was about a journalist writing a story about a recent string of murders in Montana and Wyoming. She was also trying to discover what happened to her brother and why her dad was murdered. She ended up joining a musician or the band to travel through to get the information that was needed. The plot was excellent throughout the entire story. As the plot thickened it made the characters to change and develop as well. The characters well written throughout the book. The book grasped my attention from the very beginning. There was moments that it had me laughing and at times had me worried about the characters. I loved how she explained the pack and it had help to develop the story but also to help understand the characters. I loved the book till the very end. Which the end came surprising to me but was still amazing. I would really recommend this book to anyone who reads supernatural romance



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