Spark By K.C Stewart Review By Susie Fitzwater

I rate this story 5 stars!!

Hailey Holloway stumbles upon two dragons one night. Before she realizes it she invited the soul of one into her. That soul was a red dragon named Dacea. She wakes up the next morning realizing that she can hear the dragon’s voice inside of her head. She believes herself to be crazy because of the voice.

Once I picked up the book I had a hard time putting it down. The characters and the supernatural world that was created was fantastic and put together very well. The plot was well decided and well followed throughout the story. The author helps you to picture everything as you read the book. As you go into the book you learn more of the supernatural world. It helps you to learn the history and about each individual dragon by the colors that a dragon has. It helps you to understand the characters and book as you continue to read it.  I absolutely loved all the characters and enjoyed how the characters developed with the story.

One part that I really enjoyed was the banters between Hailey and Dacea. They made it pretty funny throughout the story. It helped you to experience the feelings they were going through. This book also had a lot of action in it.

I enjoyed the outcome of the story. It also leaves you wanting more of these characters. I look forward to the next book coming out to see what happens with them. If you like supernatural romance then you should really check this book out.


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