Redfox, Razer 8 (Razer 8 #4) by P.T. Macias Review By Susie Fitzwater

I rate this book 5 stars.!!

Redfox was an awesome book to read. He had to infiltrate Commissioner’s Bryant office and as doing so he meets the lovely Marsha Diane Bryant. I absolutely love all the characters and the cars that the characters drive in these books.

I love the meeting between Redfox and Marsha at the party. It was amazingly done. Neither one of them expected it. They both fell so quick which only helps the plot throughout the book. As you go through the book the characters develop with it. This story was well written. I have enjoyed reading this book for several reasons. I will discuss two of those reason’s. One would be the action in it. It helps to experience what the characters are experiencing. Two would be how you get to experience what everyone is thinking. Which helps you to understand more about the characters. The ending was just as gret. It makes you ready to read more from the author. I look forward to learning and reading about the other characters!!!


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