Wind Warrior By Jon Messenger Review by Susie Fitzwater

I give this book five stars!!

It takes place in a sleepy town named White Halls. It’s about a guy named Xander who lives a normal life. Then one day his power comes to him and his life changes quickly. Around the time his power comes to a new girl comes to town by the name of Sammy.

This story was awesome. I loved the plot and the world that the author had created. He got his meaning of the story through you. This story was action packed and really had you feeling every emotion. I also loved the story behind it all. I think it would be cool to experience the powers they have. It is funny and it does have some sad parts. I do think it is sad about the cycle of things but love the poem that explains it.

The characters developed right along with the storyline. I also loved Xander best friends and the relationship that he had with them. There was surprises that had caught me off guard throughout the story. I was very happy with the ending and look forward to reading the next book. I definitely recommend this story to anyone who likes to read about people with powers and romance.


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