Blazing Dawn by P.T Macias Review by Susie Fitzwater

This book was amazing! It was fast paced and keeps your interest. I really enjoyed it. Once I got to the end I was left wanting more! I love the characters that she uses in her books and love learning more about them each time I pick up one of her books. The characters and the plot grows with each one and you just want to keep reading them to find out the whole story. The characters in this story was about Dawn and Thunder being mates. He is the twin brother to Lightning and they also have their sister Storm. Which is on the Tequila 10 team. The two brothers are on Razor 8 team. When they meet it makes you want to laugh but at the same time be sad because he couldn’t smell her. Her temper just made the story better. I love how they take a certain pill that enhances their abilities. It also covers their scent so that they won’t be discovered in situations for what they are. The tequila team consisted of werewolves, were-tiger, dragons, sorcerer, and vhampiers. I love the descriptions that she includes in the story about the characters so that you can understand them better. You can feel what they feel as you read the story! i still love that she includes all the thought to the characters. I would recommend this book to anyone that loves supernatural


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