King Hall (Forever Evermore #1) by Scarlett Dawn Review by Susie Fitzwater

This book was amazing!! I enjoyed every minute of it. Throughout the entire thing there was moments that I couldn’t not stop laughing. It has a mixture of emotions that you go through and the characters where excellant. I really loved Ezra and Lily from the moment!! I also enjoyed the multitude of character that go into the story and make it all the more interesting. I really enjoyed the part where they are practicing for the awakening ceremony and they flew apart from each other. The other characters I love was the kings. Even though at times they seemed apart from each other they were still just together with each other like they were best friends. I also think the world that was created and the storyline was amazing and was so easy to imagine being in it. This book really took you into another place. Usually sometimes cliffhangers stomp me and if they have them i usually try to wait to read them till all books were out but I was in the mood for it. It just leaves you wanting more of the book. I could definitely see rereading this book and would recommend it to anyone.


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