Out of the Shadows (werewolf wars#1) By Bethany Shaw Review by Susie Fitzwater

This story was packed with action, romance, and drama. It was an awesome read.I really enjoyed the plot line and the story. The character were great. I love the love they had for one another to save each other. They really developed with the story and you got to know them. It had its up and down where you were feeling what the characters felt as they were experiencing them. This is definitely a story that can get stuck in your head and that you will keep wanting to experience. I also enjoyed learning about the sisters and how they both are in love with the two men. Devon seemed the perfect mate for Lark and the same could be said about Lark to Devon. I also enjoyed Emily and Marcus in the story. I love how comical and charming Vincent was in the story as well. All the characters made this story great. It also had some surprises that were in store that even made it better. I can’t wait till I read the next book in the story. I can’t wait to see who is the traitor that is in their midst. I look forward to learning more about Gene and in the next story. If you love paranormal, romance, and drama then I suggest you check this book out.


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