Finding Our Way (A Werewolf Wars Novel Book 3) by Bethany Shaw Review by Susie Fitzwater

Nora was a great character for this story. It was so funny that she hit Daniel with the car but at the same time it wasn’t. I absolutely loved how strong willed she was and wanted to help out. She had a great attitude and a great personality. She was an excellent character for Daniel and I loved them together.
Daniel had such a hard life when he was growing up and I loved how the story went with him. Im glad he found someone of equal personality as him. Loved how understanding and quiet he was in the story in some areas. He overcame a lot of obstacles and was better for it.
Nora hit Daniel on the way to the car heading to her best friend. In the process she ended up in the middle of the war with Daniel who turned in front of her to protect her but at the same time trying to get a leeway for them to get him home. She ends up learning techniques to try and help out with the war. At the same time she ended up getting close with Daniel. She had a condition not really a condition but she was scared of what he might do when he finds out because usually everyone runs off and leaves.
I love this series and look forward to the next one. After you read one book you want to keep reading and living in the world with the characters. I love learning about each character and how even if you are focused on a couple you still learn about the other couples from the previous book. You feel the excitement, sadness, and happiness with them as the story progresses. Bethany has done a excellent job with this series. I recommend this series to anyone that loves paranormal romance!


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