Dehumanized by Michael Loring Review by Susie Fitzwater

This book was great from the start. it keeps you on the edge during reading it the whole time. This book is a different take on werewolves. It makes it all the more interesting. The character were well written and love the descriptions of them. The story provides details so that you can have a better understanding and helps you to feel their feelings. Ryan Zachery was walking one night when he was bit by something that attacked him. After that his whole life changed. He ended up going to a compound to live with no family. He tried to not to make friends or to care about anyone until Anna came. The reason was because you never know when a test will go wrong or who will die. This story had a great plot and was very well written. It was packed with tons of action and drama, and some romance. I recommend this to people that love stories like this!


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