Wind Warrior By Jon Messenger Review by Susie Fitzwater

I give this book five stars!!

It takes place in a sleepy town named White Halls. It’s about a guy named Xander who lives a normal life. Then one day his power comes to him and his life changes quickly. Around the time his power comes to a new girl comes to town by the name of Sammy.

This story was awesome. I loved the plot and the world that the author had created. He got his meaning of the story through you. This story was action packed and really had you feeling every emotion. I also loved the story behind it all. I think it would be cool to experience the powers they have. It is funny and it does have some sad parts. I do think it is sad about the cycle of things but love the poem that explains it.

The characters developed right along with the storyline. I also loved Xander best friends and the relationship that he had with them. There was surprises that had caught me off guard throughout the story. I was very happy with the ending and look forward to reading the next book. I definitely recommend this story to anyone who likes to read about people with powers and romance.


Redfox, Razer 8 (Razer 8 #4) by P.T. Macias Review By Susie Fitzwater

I rate this book 5 stars.!!

Redfox was an awesome book to read. He had to infiltrate Commissioner’s Bryant office and as doing so he meets the lovely Marsha Diane Bryant. I absolutely love all the characters and the cars that the characters drive in these books.

I love the meeting between Redfox and Marsha at the party. It was amazingly done. Neither one of them expected it. They both fell so quick which only helps the plot throughout the book. As you go through the book the characters develop with it. This story was well written. I have enjoyed reading this book for several reasons. I will discuss two of those reason’s. One would be the action in it. It helps to experience what the characters are experiencing. Two would be how you get to experience what everyone is thinking. Which helps you to understand more about the characters. The ending was just as gret. It makes you ready to read more from the author. I look forward to learning and reading about the other characters!!!

Spark By K.C Stewart Review By Susie Fitzwater

I rate this story 5 stars!!

Hailey Holloway stumbles upon two dragons one night. Before she realizes it she invited the soul of one into her. That soul was a red dragon named Dacea. She wakes up the next morning realizing that she can hear the dragon’s voice inside of her head. She believes herself to be crazy because of the voice.

Once I picked up the book I had a hard time putting it down. The characters and the supernatural world that was created was fantastic and put together very well. The plot was well decided and well followed throughout the story. The author helps you to picture everything as you read the book. As you go into the book you learn more of the supernatural world. It helps you to learn the history and about each individual dragon by the colors that a dragon has. It helps you to understand the characters and book as you continue to read it.  I absolutely loved all the characters and enjoyed how the characters developed with the story.

One part that I really enjoyed was the banters between Hailey and Dacea. They made it pretty funny throughout the story. It helped you to experience the feelings they were going through. This book also had a lot of action in it.

I enjoyed the outcome of the story. It also leaves you wanting more of these characters. I look forward to the next book coming out to see what happens with them. If you like supernatural romance then you should really check this book out.

The White Aura (White Aura #1) by Felicia Tatum Review By Susie Fitzwater

This book was fantastic. Once I picked it up I couldn’t put it down! I loved story line and how the characters evolved throughout the story. They were the perfect characters for this story line! I love the end when she finds out everything and who he really was. I love the way that it goes between two characters in the story! It definitely makes it more interesting how it switches!It was faced pace and kept you guessing through out the story. I can’t wait till i can read the next one!! The book was full of surprises and would recommend it too anyone that enjoys supernatural and romance

Moonlight Serenade by M.J. Compton Review by Susie Fitzwater

I give this book 5 stars. This book was about a journalist writing a story about a recent string of murders in Montana and Wyoming. She was also trying to discover what happened to her brother and why her dad was murdered. She ended up joining a musician or the band to travel through to get the information that was needed. The plot was excellent throughout the entire story. As the plot thickened it made the characters to change and develop as well. The characters well written throughout the book. The book grasped my attention from the very beginning. There was moments that it had me laughing and at times had me worried about the characters. I loved how she explained the pack and it had help to develop the story but also to help understand the characters. I loved the book till the very end. Which the end came surprising to me but was still amazing. I would really recommend this book to anyone who reads supernatural romance